Debbi Sheets 2003 World Champion

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Mountain Bike Lessons

Mountain biking is just plain fun.
It is also easy, and if done right, quite safe and crash free. 
If you don't know how, it can be quite dangerous and frightening.
Our lessons make all of the difference! That is why we design our tours around them.
Our lessons are gentle and easy.
We have guided hundreds of beginners and are very familiar with their problems. No need to worry about how you will look. The lessons are private and no one will be judging you. Your abilities and wishes set the parameters. You will never be asked to do what you are not able to or comfortable with. Our guests have ranged from 10 year olds to guys in their mid-70s. Our success stories (every one) include all types, shapes, and abilities. We have even had a grandmother go on to become the 2003 24 Hours of Adrenaline Solo World Champion.
You may not be able to repeat her success (although who's to say that you can't), but with our lessons you will be able to mountain bike easily and with out that learning curve full of crashing.
We ride at your pace. Because we take only one group at a time you won't be riding with strangers, and no one else will be pushing or holding up the group. We are comfortable riding at your pace and encourage you to take it nice and easy.
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